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The best fire protection equipment can be ineffective if your employees and personnel are not properly trained in the proper operation and procedures in case of an emergency. Reliable Fire Protection offers the following on-site training services to help you protect your business and employees.

Fire Extinguishers Training

Reliable Fire Protection offers fire extinguisher training to keep your business in compliance with OSHA standards. It is important that your staff be properly trained in the proper procedures in case of a fire. Reliable Fire Protection offers a clean, safe and convenient, laser-driven digital fire extinguisher training program that includes a power point presentation, short video and hands-on operation using the fire extinguisher simulator. The laser-driven, digital fire extinguisher simulator can be used inside or outside without the mess or scheduling inconvenience of inclement weather.

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Commercial Kitchen System Training

In the fast paced foodservice industry, it is important that your staff be properly trained in the operation of your kitchen fire suppression system, fire extinguishers and proper procedures in case of fire. Reliable Fire Protection can demonstrate to your staff a simulated fire system discharge and demonstrate the basic maintenance procedures to help prevent a fire as well as ensure your fire suppression system will operate effectively in the event of a fire. The training will include a short video, hands on system activation, as well as a digital fire extinguisher simulator.

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